How do I get an estimate from you?

You can obtain an estimate from us a few different ways. You can either call us at 651-639-9822, email us or you can submit your estimate request online.

What resolution should I save my photos and graphics?

You should set the resolution at 300 dpi. 

What exactly is a proof? 

A proof is an example of how the finished product will print. It is important to carefully review the proof. Any mistakes not caught in the proofing process will be the sole responsibility of the individual providing final approval so always review proofs carefully.

What are some common problems encountered in Pre-Press?

•    Missing Fonts

•    Type modified using the style palette (i.e.: bold or italic) rather than by

     using the appropriate typeface from the font list

•    Low resolution or missing graphics

•    Digital files don’t match client’s supplied lasers

•    Photos supplied as RGB or Indexed instead of CMYK

•    Line art (logos) saved in 300 dpi grayscale format, rather than 1200 dpi

     bitmap format

•    Not enough graphic or scan to meet bleed requirements

•    Embedded graphics from vector files not supplied

•   Supplying only the final Photoshop EPS file rather than also including

     the original layered Photoshop file

How can I ensure that my project is submitted correctly? 

Please use the following checklist when supplying files to Greenhaven Printing:

•    Add 1/8” Bleed where necessary

•    Convert RGB Scans to CMYK or Grayscale

•   Make sure all images are at a high resolution (300dpi at 100% for 

     photos, 1200 dpi at 100% for line art)

•    Include all associated graphic files

•    Include all screen and printer fonts

•   Convert fonts in EPS files to outlines or include both screen and printer


•    Provide composite laser proofs

•    Indicate on laser proofs any FPO artwork

•   Spot Color: Delete any unused spot colors from page layout color


•    4-Color Printing: Convert Pantone or RGB images to CMYK

•    Supply original layered Photoshop files for all built Photoshop EPS files

•   Supply and Mark any previously printed cards or collateral pieces that

     we may have to match for color.